Day 0 – Model Event

2nd of February (Friday)
Model Event


The model event maps can be picked up in the Secretariat, Casa da Cultura Sátão: 40.74136, -7.73426

Map: Nosso Senhor dos Caminhos (Sátão) – 2012

Terrain: Both pine forest and open ares are present, with some undergrowth in the latter. Moderate density of contour details and a lot of rock details. Terrain very similar to the map of Ferreira de Aves.
Map Maker: Tiago Aires (Portugal)
Scales: 1:7.500; 1:10.000; 1:15.000 Contour interval: 5 m
Parking: It will be in the park of sanctuary.

Warning: Organization highly recommends the use of spike shoes.