Day 2 – Long Distance

4th of February (Sunday)
Long Distance

Map: [NEW] Ferreira de Aves – 2017 (The same used in the middle distance)
Map Makers: Raquel Costa (Portugal) and Mário Rodríguez (Espanha)
Terrain: Pine forest with some open areas, with some undergrowth in the latter. Terrain with moderate density of contours details and very rich in rock details.

Scales: 1:7.500; 1:10.000; 1:15.000 Countour interval: 5 m
Course setters: Rui Martins
Embargoed Area: see map in “Event->Location” section
Arena: 40.779401, -7.671930

Warning:  Organization highly recommends the use of spike shoes.

Parking: see  map and coordinates in the location menu in “Event->Location” section