General Info

Clube de Orientação de Viseu – Natura

Câmara Municipal do Sátão; FPO – Federação Portuguesa de Orientação, IOF – Federação Internacional de Orientação

Event Coordination

Event Director:  Miguel Nóbrega
FPO Event Adviser:  António Amador
Technical Director:  Rui Martins
Cartographers: Raquel Costa e Mario Rodriguez
Course Setters: Rui Martins, João Moura, Rafael Silva and Susana Almeida

Model Event:
– Map of  Srº dos Caminhos, map very close to the event location;
The maps must be taken from the Secretariat, in the municipality of Sátão, during the day 0 (Friday) 2nd of February, in Casa da Cultura: 40.74136, -7.73426;
Price per map:  4€.

BIB number:
The BIBs will be assigned by the organization, which should be used by all athletes;
The bib number should be picked at the Secretariat, prior to the event;
No athlete will be allowed to start without the respective Bib number. The Portuguese athletes may also use the official Bib number provided by de POF.

No athlete will be allowed to start without an SI-card (chip), BIBs or with a number different from the registered one;
Changes  to the SI-card should be made in advance by  e-mail , or at the event’s Secretariat;
– SI changes on the days of the event will only be accepted after validation in the secretariat and will cost 1 €;
The open classes, W/M10 have no departure time. They will have a time interval where they can start with “START Base”
– It won’t be allowed any change of start time on competition classes in event days;

Participans should follow the indications of the organization, relative to the accesses to the events and parking. Please check the page Location.

Hard floor will be in Lamas sports hall, Ferreira Aves, Sátão (see Location);
– it is prohibited to use shoes with spikes inside the pavilion;
It is forbidden to cook and eat inside the pavilion;
– An area for preparation of meals will be available;
– Local accommodation:

Showers will be available in the same location as the hard floor: Lamas sports hall, Ferreira Aves, Sátão (see Location);

Will work in the arenas of the three stages (check schedule on programme).

There will be babysitting service in the arenas at the same time as the secretariat.

There will be bar service on the site of the arena.

Available in  all the stages.

Electronic Punch Control
SPORTident is the official electronic event control system in FPO Competitions;
A SICard will be asigned to athletes who do not indicate the SICard number at the time of registration; Renting one SICard has the cost of 1,00€/day for Competition classes, and free for Formation or Open Classes;

Rented SICards must be returned to the organization at the end of the athlete’s participation; Losing or non returning a rented SI Card implies the payment of 50€.

Athletes affiliated to Portuguese Orienteering Federation (FPO) or in the Spanish Orienterring Federation (FEDO)  or non-affiliated athletes that have residence in Portugal or Portuguese nationality are covered by insurance of the FPO (the latter must provide all the required data at the time of registration). The remaining athletes are not covered by any insurance.

Map Collection:
There will be no collection of maps at the end of the courses. We appeal to Fair Play to all participants.

Elite Class:
If the number of members in the men’s Elite class exceed 100 athletes, we will be divide it into Men Super Elite and Men Elite;
IOF World Ranking dated to 31 December 2017 will be used to distribute the athletes into the two classes.

Traffic Indication:
There will be traffic indications made by organization using orange and white arrows; Athletes must follow the organization instructions; More info in the page Location)

Race time limits:
Middle Distance: 2 hours;
Long Distance: 3 hours;
Sprint: 1 hour;

– The competition rules defined by POF 2017 are available in:
– The Competition is ruled by POF (Portuguese Orienteering Federation) Regulation complemented by IOF regulations on missing situations.


Meeting de Orientação Dão Lafões
– Prizes for the first three places on each class (5 in Elite Classes). The final result is the sum of points of the 4 stages;
– There is no prizes for the formation classes (M/D 10 and 12). All the athletes will receive a award;
– Awards for the winners of open classes;
– Awards for the 3 clubs with highest scores.

World Ranking Event
– Prices for the top five athletes in the Elite Classes.