Message from the President of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation

Sátão and Orienteering. Sátão means excelente terrains to the practice of orienteering. A simple exemple is the well know map of Srº dos Caminhos experienced by thousands of athletes during the Portugal O’meeting 2011. It also means challenges. For the competition classes, particularly for the elite classes, where a high tecnicall and physical demands are a reality. For the amateurs and causal participants, it means a date with the natural beauty of the lands, where i tis possible to walk, get lost ou only walk a litle bit.

Organized by the competente and responsible Clube de Orientação de Viseu, the best conditions for the practice of orienteering are met for an unforgetouble event that will be recorded in the memory of whom that will visit Sátão to participate in the III Orienteeering Meeting Dão Lafões – Sátão WRE 2017.

The organization prepared three fantastic orienteering stages. Two in the terrains of Ferreira de Aves, through the pine trees and amazing rocky details. Another one in the urban área of Sátão tal will let the athletes know better the streets of the village. The great gastronomy of the region will complete the menu, ofering the participantes the oportunity to taste amazing food and wine.

Attend it and confirm.

Be welcome!

President of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation

Marco Alpande Póvoa