Message from the President of Clube de Orientação de Viseu

The territory of Dão Lafões, in Viseu, showed already, for several occasions, to present unique conditions to receive big orienteering events. Additionally, the excellent Portuguese weather during the winter season, allows the international orienteering platoon to come to Portugal with the intent to prepare the new season conveniently.

After the success of events as Portugal O’Meeting 2011 in Viseu and Satão and the Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering 2014 in Satão and Aguiar da Beira, in joint organization between Clube de Orientação de Viseu and Ori-Estarreja, the best world orienteering returns to the unique terrains of Sátão for the III Meeting de Orientação Dão Lafões – Sátão WRE 2017.

A new and challenging forest map in Ferreira de Aves, close to an existing map of N. Srº Dos Caminhos, is the main ingredient of this event. A diversified terrain, with pine areas, areas with a lot of rocky details and areas with slope and vegetation, promise to require from the athletes their best abilities, either physical or technical. Also, we will offer the opportunity to run in the village of Sátão, trying to take the orienteering more close to urban areas.

Beyond the competitive component, we must highlight the excellent conditions of the region for tourism. Amazing landscapes, historical places and an extraordinary gastronomy are ingredients that you cannot miss.

Thus, we invite all the nature and sport lovers to participate in this big event, either in a competitive way or just for fun. There exist open classes suitable for whom just want to live a new experience, alone or with company.

See you soon!

President of the Clube de Orientação de Viseu,

Miguel Nóbrega